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Trusted for over 40+ years of service.

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Take advantage of our innovative Civil and Structural Engineering and Surveying Services:
Planning, design, and construction. Site inspections, damage inspections and pre-purchase inspections.


Trusted for over 40+ years of service.


Over the last four decades, we have completed 40,000+ engineering projects including:
Residential Homes

From family homes, granny flats and villas to residential apartments.


Including architecturally designed projects for select clients.


Large-scale industrial structures and buildings.

Public Sector

Developments for government clients throughout Sydney, NSW.


Our team is uniquely qualified to help you connect the dots and come up with a fast and cost-effective solution ensuring that the structural or building layout your architect or draftsperson created can be translated into action.
5-Day Turnaround

90% of our projects are delivered within one working week.

Cutting Edge

We use the latest engineering methods, systems, and materials.

40+ Years Experience

Our market-leading expertise guarantees to optimise your project without risking safety.

Bundled Services

We offer ‘the whole engineering bundle in one place’ at a great price.

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We offer a friendly and thorough service for architects, property developers, property owners, and other clients.

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You’ll get clear and concise information at the beginning and each critical point throughout your project.


We provide the
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When we meet, we’ll take the time to understand your project and circumstances and get clear on your expectations, before making any recommendations.
We provide a comprehensive range of structural engineering services and consultancy for all structural engineering works including:
  • Buildings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Structural Reports
  • Landscaping
  • Slabs
  • Dilapidation Reports

We’ll design ‘the skeleton’
to support your vision

Whether it’s a simple building or a fanciful design, we can help. We will help you select the right columns, beams, and latest engineering materials for your projects. Using the latest engineering methods, we’ll ensure that your building or structure will support its weight and withstand the elements.


Dilapidation survey/report

reports prepared of all buildings on land whose title boundary borders the site and of such further buildings located within the likely “zone of influence” of any excavation, dewatering, and/or construction induced vibration.

Articulated joints

This service is intended to ameliorate movements in masonry (expansion and contraction and footing movement) and indicate where control joints are required.

Steel Beams

Steel beams are often used as the framework of a house and installed as support beams throughout the building, leading up to the roof.

BAO Drawings

When you build over, adjacent to, or under Sydney water pipe assets.

Frame Design

Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape.

Retaining Wall

A wall that holds back earth or water.

Portal Frame Design

A rigid structural frame consisting essentially of two uprights connected at the top by a third member.

Roof Structure

Roof construction is the framing and roof covering.

Site classification through soil testing

A series of tests conducted on a site to classify the soil conditions, enabling the engineer to design the building foundations.

Wall Bracing

Wall bracing is wall framing lined with sheet materials such as plywood, plasterboard, fibre cement or hardboard, or similar.

Council asset/streetscape dilapidation survey

A photographic survey of council assets including driveway crossovers, footpaths and the like. The reports are primarily used for the assessment of damage.

Raft Slabs

Concrete ground floor slab to support the building strcuture.

Timber Beams

A long, sturdy piece of squared timber used to support the roof or floor of a building.

Driveway Design

A short pavement leading from a public road to a house or other building.

OSD Detention Tank

On-site stormwater detention systems to help relieve the pressure on Councils to provide retarding basins in built-up areas and on overloaded drains.

Pool Design

Determine what kind of steel reinforcement is required at various depths of the pool, given surcharging (horizontal loading) and other loading forces that act on your pool.


Needed for the inspection, assessment, and repair of structural faults.

Shoring Design

To retain earth, water, and adjacent structures when an excavation is required

Snow Load Certificate

Snow loading is an allowance made in the structural design of a building for the weight that snow/ice can have on buildings.


Cracked Slab

Whenever structural cracking and movement appear significant or significantly worsen.

Pier Hole Inspection

Inspection of the footings and pier holes before having concrete poured.

Slab Steel Inspection

Inspection of slab preparation and reinforcement before pouring the concrete slab.

Structural Integrity

Establishing the ability of a structure to support a designed load (i.e., weight, force) without breaking, tearing apart, or collapsing, and includes the study of damage that has previously occurred to prevent failures in future designs.

Design Certificate

Certification of structural components to ensure they comply with relevant Australian Standards.


We'll keep your projects on track

​In addition to our professional structural engineering service, we can also offer you Civil Engineering, Civil Hydraulics, Surveying, Subdivision and Title service. In fact, all your essential engineering services under one roof!

Most importantly, not only are we an incorporated company but also all our engineers are university graduates - this is important because of laws and regulations that may leave you exposed, out of time, and frustrated, should you use an unqualified person.

When you require professional structural engineers to assist with your property needs or construction projects in NSW, you can rely on the expert consultancy and solutions you receive from our team of qualified specialists at Donovan Associates.